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BizReport : Internet : December 19, 2016

Top 4 tips to protect your business through the holiday season

The holidays mean more revenue for retailers, but for many other businesses it means more employees taking time off. But, even though employees aren't in the office, it doesn't mean they're totally disconnected from work. That connectivity could put some businesses are work. Here are four tips to help protect your business through the holiday season.

by Kristina Knight

Ensure that Workers are Using a Secure Wi-Fi Network.

"Catching up on work emails at a coffee shop or on the train is especially common for workers over the holiday season. More public businesses are offering free Wi-Fi to their patrons, but workers need be cautious when using these networks to conduct business. Public Wi-Fi is nowhere near as secure as the private networks set up in the office, therefore sending sensitive documents or emails with confidential information in the body of the email should never be done over a public Wi-Fi network," said ZixCorp CEO Dave Wagner.

Advise Employees to Use Caution while Online Shopping at work.

"As the holidays creep closer, workers may do some online shopping at their desks. This leaves your workers vulnerable to cyberattacks that can compromise their personal information like credit cards, addresses and passwords. And if your employee provides their work email, it can open the possibility of a phishing attack that could affect the data on their work computer. Always make sure that your employees verify the security of the site they are shopping at and confirm that the checkout page is secured with an HTTPS connection," said Wagner.

Protect all Devices that are Used for Work.

"Any device that workers use to conduct business should be password-protected. Whether it's a cell phone, the company laptop or a personal tablet, all devices that have access to an employee's email account and work documents should be, at minimum, protected by some sort of password, thumb print, lock code, etc. It's easy to misplace devices while traveling or on-the-go, so a strong, unique password is one more step a thief will have to crack to gain access to the sensitive information stored on the device," said Wagner.

Install Data Loss Prevention Software.

"While workers are busy thinking about the perfect presents or what time they need to take the turkey out of the oven, they could use a watchful eye to make sure they don't slip up and send sensitive data to the wrong person. Data Loss Prevention software does just that, by scanning outbound mail for possible red flags. If there is a potential issue found, the software will quarantine the message and confirm with a manager or administrator if the information being delivered is sensitive or not. Employers and employees can rest assured knowing that important information -- such as credit card information and Social Security numbers -- is secure," said Wagner.

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