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BizReport : Advertising archives : December 12, 2016

Research reveals lack of diversity in UK ad imagery

A review of the top 20 advertising spenders in 2015 by Lloyds Banking Group reveals that minorities continue to be significantly under-represented.

by Helen Leggatt

Lloyds Banking Group's 'Reflecting Modern Britain' report, which analysed campaigns from 20 of the UK's top advertising spenders, found that less than a fifth of the people used in press and TV ads represent the diversity of British society - including LGBT, the disabled and single parents.

Of the 2,200 people surveyed in the UK, 65% said they would feel more favorable about a brand that represented diversity in their advertising. Yet, 79% felt gay women were underrepresented and 49% said the same of gay men.

However, as the report highlights, "It can be challenging for advertisers to represent certain groups... without a clear story or resorting to visual cues. The risk here is being stereotypical".

The report also revealed how advertising is not reflecting the diversity proportionality. For example, while 17.9% of the UK population is registered disabled, just 0.06% of ads featured disability. In addition, while 25% of the UK population are single parents, just 0.29% of ads featured such a family.


A recent survey of 500 marketers in the UK by Shutterstock found a "shifting attitude" towards the selection of images to accompany marketing campaigns. Nearly half (49%) had chosen to select photography depicting racial diversity in the past year and 32% had used images of gay couples to reflect sexual diversity. This, concludes the study, reflects marketers' desire to reflect modern society and, indeed, among marketers more than three-quarters (79%) prioritized the reflection of today's diverse gender identities and 71% racial diversity, over linking to brand message (29%).

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