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BizReport : Advertising : December 30, 2016

Expert: Brands must understand the product is the message

From native video to in-game ads to social and mobile and banners, there are more digital ad options than ever. Couple that will offline ad options, and it's no wonder many brands aren't sure where to go with the next campaign. The answer, says one expert, is to remember the true message isn't found in the campaign.

by Kristina Knight

"[Brands must] adapt to a world where your product is your message and not the ads. The ads will be customized with your application icon, description, reviews (!) and other elements from your app store page. It's OK, your users accept your app for what it is, and if they don't - there's no point in marketing it in any case," said Maor Sadra, CRO & Managing Director, AppLift.

That isn't to say there aren't trends to follow for that next campaign. In addition to brands embracing the fact that their product needs to become their message, Sadra believes there is value for brands in one-on-one deals.

"We're completing a full circle. From Advertiser > Publisher 20 years ago, all through ad networks > ad exchanges > mediations > marketplaces - we're now back to "private marketplaces" or PMPs, where advertisers trade directly with publishers, using RTB technologies to only buy the specific audiences/placements/session depths of their choice. This feels in a way as if the market has gone backwards a bit, but in reality, the market has evolved massively. Advertisers can now increase their audience success," said Sadra.

Sadra also believes that rewarded video could become a key feature for any campaign - because it leaves the viewer in charge.

"Until now, rewarded video was almost an untapped market. for performance advertisers. Brands refused to hear any of it once the word "rewarded" was said. But now, when just about ALL of the rewarded video players are moving to a programmatic RTB auction, the inventory will be accessible to all DSPs, making the market prices rise quickly as DSPs bid on the inventory for what it is - Video Inventory," said Sadra.

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