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BizReport : Email Marketing : November 30, 2016

Top 3 tips for better email segmentation

Segmentation has been common practice for many businesses for the past few years, but there are still those who struggle. Segmentation has been shown to improve both engagement and conversion rates. Here are three tips for better email segmentation.

by Kristina Knight

First, watch out for the hidden costs of duplicate names

"When you segment your lists by various factors such as zip code, previous purchases, and interests, there's bound to be overlaps. As your lists grows, it's easy to overlook those overlaps if the same contacts appear on multiple sub-lists. Be sure to check that your email marketing platform allows you to send only one message to contacts that appear on multiple lists. Also, be mindful that duplicates can quickly create an illusion that you have more contacts than you do. Given this, check to make sure that a single contact isn't being counted multiple times by your email provider because that can quickly drive up costs," said Jenna Shaffer, Regional Product Trainer, Constant Contact.

Second, be smart about the use of triggered emails

"Triggered messages are a great way to thank customers for subscribing, recover abandoned shopping carts, and quickly inform all of your subscribers about a special promo. They're also great for getting more insight into your customers for segmentation purposes. The key is to send short, triggered emails containing a single message that goes to select audiences. For example, once a person joins your mailing list, send a triggered email welcoming them and asking them how often they'd like to hear from you. Or present them with the option to take advantage of one of three offers you present. The more you can engage customers without taking up more than a few seconds of their time, the more personalized the messages will be," said Shaffer.

Third, expand your definition of VIP customer

"Obviously, your VIP list includes the usual suspects of regular customers. But have you thought about those that might not make frequent purchases but actively support you through referrals or shout-outs online? Tap into this audience and thank them for their support. And since they've already told you what works, ask them what could be improved. Cultivating relationships with this smaller audience will enable you to find more like them, which creates a whole new segment," said Shaffer.

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