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BizReport : Advertising archives : November 29, 2016

Platform uses hidden audience segments to connect

Earlier this Fall, Telmar released Audience Effects, an advanced application that helps planners tap hidden audience segments that offer the greatest potential to enhance a brand's performance. The system identifies the best audience segments and how to reach them across all platforms, i.e., traditional and digital. BizReport sat down with Telmar Global President Corey Panno to learn more about the current challenges-and advancements-in audience targeting.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What problem does Telmar solve for agencies and advertisers?

Corey Panno, Telmar Global President: Telmar has evolved reach and frequency software to help clients make the best use of their marketing and media audience data with analysis, behavioral insights, and the ability to identify consumer targets and the best media to effectively deliver their marketing messages. The company has developed new software that provides clients very good predictive indicators of reaching consumers using the data they already have. So marketers can determine in advance - without wasteful testing - which combination of targeting parameters and media will be most successful. This shifts real targeting power to a higher level in the agency structure and reduces the time it takes to gather analyze and deploy data to best effect.

Kristina: Is anyone else doing what Telmar does? What makes Telmar better?

Corey: A number of data providers now field systems to manage their data. Because software is Telmar's only business, we have no competitive conflicts. We incorporate and integrate more data sources than anyone else without any research bias. They also give clients anywhere-anytime access to a number of exclusive data sets, from updated Census-based targeting to Telmar's own surveys of time spent with media across digital and traditional channels. We are also the only audience management platform to incorporate causal analysis, which marketers use to identify the consumers with the greatest opportunity to expand their brands. So the people who have to draw insights from data every day are able to do it quickly and easily.

Kristina: Who licenses Telmar services and what is their ROI?

Corey: Advertisers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers all license Telmar's software and support. Their levels of commitment can vary. For example, smaller clients without access to syndicated or custom data use Telmar's Census and Time Spent RFT databases and basic targeting tools. Larger clients with syndicated and their own first-party data use Telmar's complete suite and integrate their many data sets using Telmar's proprietary MultiBasing capability.

The ROI for licensing Telmar products and service can be calculated in time, talent, process and performance.

Time: Our software does complex data integrations and can cross tab datasets in a matter of seconds, so the right audiences can be defined in a fraction of the time it would take to pull the data manually. As a result, marketers get to the right audience plans much faster. They don't have to wait for the data scientists because an account director can use the system effectively.

Talent: Data scientists are in great demand but limited supply in ad tech, and they're getting more expensive. Few companies have the resources to educate and train people in Big Data management, much less perform the specialized marketing integrations that go into our software. With us, they don't have to.

Process: To duplicate what we offer would cost a fortune and assumes data relationships that simply could not be replicated.

Performance: Typically Telmar clients get lift in ad performance and a rise in media efficiency that far exceeds their monthly licensing costs.

Kristina: What will Telmar look like in three years?

Corey: Today, Telmar is a data analytics and application provider. In three years, it will be a data leverage company. That means unlocking new data sources for marketing, while synthesizing proprietary, syndicated and cookie data for cross-platform targeting. Telmar will continue to integrate more data sources than any other software provider, and the company's tools will be completely cloud-based and simple to learn and use.

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