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BizReport : Advertising archives : November 28, 2016

Experts: Make ad dollars go farther in 2017

Radio and newspaper, digital banners, mobile geo-fences, SMS - there are a plethora of ways brands can reach consumers. Three experts weigh in on how brands can better use their ad dollars in 2017.

by Kristina Knight

First, cut back on display

"2017 is looking to be the year when standard desktop display campaigns are going to become obsolete. Judging by the depth and amounts of data we are able to get on a single user in 2016, split testing creatives with basic targeting parameters (geo, OS, carrier) is not nearly as effective as a procedurally generated funnel, molded by users' browsing preferences and app usage. The new ad formats appearing in 2016 are much more seamless and unobtrusive, while delivering an experience directly relevant to each potential customer. Coupled with recent improvements in self-learning optimization algorithms, the convenience and efficiency of automated and personalized native campaigns are incomparable to the output of plain banner ads, and 2017 is shaping up to be their last year on the market," said Dmitry Atamanyuk, CEO, GDM Group.

Second, do more with social

"Social advertising will continue to take bigger chunks of advertising dollars with the deep insights and targeting it offers (predominantly Facebook and Instagram). Pinterest is an opportunity for a new source of media which is data heavy, and it will be interesting to see how they develop their platform to be more advertiser friendly. Influencer marketing will also continue to expand its reach in helping brands get in front of the right users. There are still some details to iron out in terms of tracking and what exactly advertisers should expect from this form of advertising. I suspect 2017 will see more focus by companies to try and solve this challenge. Native advertising will be consumed more, and more importantly, will be done programmatically," said Galia Reichenstein, General Manager, US, Taptica.

Third, an increase in performance-based

"We're seeing a trend where companies have lost confidence in ad networks and ad agencies with their ad budget. Too many cases of summary reporting based on erroneous material. Too many cases of ads being delivered to poor quality websites via programmatic and RTB. As performance based ad platforms are becoming more prevalent and easy to operate, more and more companies are bringing their digital strategy in-house," said Patrick Hopf, President and Co-Founder, SourceKnowledge.

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  • Aaron Mahl

    It's on ad platforms and providers to do this, not advertisers. Your point speaks to the need for more ad platforms to push hard for ad units that translate well from mobile web to apps and other way around. Google, Airpush, Facebook and a handful of other top companies and ad platforms are obviously on the front lines of this, but most are not -- incredibly so!



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