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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : November 07, 2016

Expert: How to get more from reviews

A positive review can influence shoppers, likewise, a negative review can deter shoppers. But, not all good reviews are 'good' and not all bad reviews are 'bad' for business. One expert explains how merchants can drill down reviews for better use.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Which customer reviews do merchants and brands need to focus on?

Adrienne Weissman, Chief Marketing Officer, G2Crowd: Brands should focus on all reviews, good and bad. Both positive and less than positive reviews are incredibly valuable to businesses. Of course, positive reviews are helpful for both customers and in-market buyers. But negative reviews are too-often overlooked by merchants. They provide honest feedback that can help developers fill gaps and improve their products. By breaking down barriers to communication and allowing customers to share their opinions, reviews increase transparency, which is paramount in marketing.

Kristina: How can brands better leverage reviews?

Adrienne: Reviews are one of the most trustworthy information sources for buyers, so brands should definitely use good reviews to their advantage. Marketers can use reviews as content in their marketing collateral. For example, software companies can send prospects to their profile on G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business software review platform, and use that as a reference tool. As more product developments are put into place, marketers can use reviews as real-time feedback on new features. In all, reviews should be leveraged as competitive intelligence, as brands can use this honest feedback to make their product stand out from competitors.

Kristina: How can a brand drill down reviews so that they are seeing a more holistic picture of the overall experience?

Adrienne: To get the most accurate picture of how customers are reacting to your product, merchants should have an evergreen reviews plan. Though some marketers only turn to reviews when a product isn't catching on, it's important to consistently monitor reviews to understand the customers' needs and objectives. Checking in with reviewers on a rolling basis will help you stay on top of issues, giving you the opportunity to engage when things are both good and not so good.

Kristina: Once brands have found that bigger picture, how can they use the information to better engage?

Adrienne: Reviewer data opens a lot of doors for brands. Marketers can now hone in on specific reviewers based on company size, roles and how they use the product(s). Based on customers' roles and verticals, marketers can determine specifically where things are working and where they need to improve. This information can reveal opportunities to upsell and customers or promote upgrades when users are expecting more from their investment. When brands are listening, they know when and how to engage with customers. This leads to a positive experience for customers and merchants alike.

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