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BizReport : September 21, 2016 Archive

September 21, 2016 Archive

Research | September 21, 2016

Report: Convenience stores fastest growing retailers

With in-store sales increasing nearly 6% in 2015, convenience stores are now the fastest growing retail vertical. That's the word from new Koupon data, which also found the vertical is now pulling in $600 billion annually. >>

Trends & Ideas | September 21, 2016

'Good reviews' trump family recommendations and celebrity endorsements

Good reviews are ranked just below discounts and promotions, but above recommendations from family and friends, as drivers of purchases, according to new research from ratings and review platform Feefo. >>

Ecommerce | September 21, 2016

54% of Millennials plan to spend significantly more this holiday season

There are 13 weeks until Christmas, but many shoppers have already begun their holiday shopping. Among those are Millennials who, according to Rubicon Project's latest poll, plan to spend considerably more this holiday season than last year. >>

Loyalty Marketing | September 21, 2016

Retentionomics: The impact of customer retention on market share

Increased investment in customer retention leads to significant growth in market share, according to new research from Forbes and Sailthru. >>

Advertising | September 21, 2016

Study: Most find ads annoying

When it comes to ads on social media sites, apps, and even news aggregators, most Americans (85%) say the ads are 'annoying', and about one-third would rather go to the dentist than see them. That's the takeaway from new SOASTA data. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 21, 2016

Consumers: Smartwatches ugly and expensive

While early adopters rave about smartwatch purchases, the craze hasn't caught on in the way many mobile developers were hoping - and the cost is part of the problem. That's the takeaway from new First Insight data, which found the sweet spot for pricing on these items is under $200. >>