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BizReport : September 5, 2016 Archive

September 5, 2016 Archive

Email Marketing | September 05, 2016

Study IDs optimal email days

Sending emails during the first half of the week may not be the best way to increase engagement. That's the takeaway from new Yesmail360 data which found that emails sent later in the week have both higher click and conversion rates. >>

Ecommerce | September 05, 2016

Study finds brand transparency equals loyalty

When it comes to building loyalty, brands can achieve better results by being transparent with their shoppers. That's the takeaway from new Label Insights research which found that most (94%) consumers are loyal to brands offering transparency in their products. >>

Loyalty Marketing | September 05, 2016

3 hacks that will improve loyalty programs

Loyalty programs can be difficult to build no matter how popular the brand attached. One expert shares three hacks that will help brands build bigger - and better - loyalty programs. >>

Blogs & Content | September 05, 2016

Talent agency reveals the cost of influencer endorsement

Internet influencers, celebrities and YouTube personalities are raking in almost $200,000 per sponsored video, according to a talent agency. >>

Ecommerce | September 05, 2016

Technology law expert questions legality of Amazon Dash in EU

As Amazon launches Dash buttons in Europe, one technology law expert highlights the possibility that they may fall foul of European Union legislation. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 05, 2016

Will Apple's App Store clear out affect you?

Apps that no longer work, or are outdated, will be cleaned off the Apple App Store in an upcoming clear-out, said the company in a recent announcement. >>