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BizReport : Loyalty Marketing : August 11, 2016

How to create a flexible loyalty program without annoying shoppers

Flexible loyalty is a fast-rising buzzword in the digital space. Flexible means shoppers have choices when it comes to how points are earned, and where and when they can be redeemed. The problem is that many programs aren't flexible. Here are three tips to give your program the flexibility consumers want.

by Kristina Knight

Review existing objectives

"[Businesses must] take time to review the objectives of your loyalty program, beyond just issuing points/miles. Do an audit of your program - what customer behaviors are you hoping to drive? Do you want to reward your customers for their basket size and dollars spent? For the frequency of their purchases? Or a combination of both?" said Danielle Brown, VP of Marketing at Points.

Understand customer wants

"Once you've established your program objectives, the next step is to understand what your customers want, and what will benefit them. Collect information on what your loyalty program members, or potential members, want out of your loyalty program and build changes around this. When customers feel like their wants and needs are being heard, they will be more loyal to your brand," said Brown.

Communicate the changes

"Once the decision has been made to make adjustments to your program, communicate with your members at every touchpoint. Provide specifics about the changes and highlight how it will make the program more valuable for them. Outreach tactics like engaging with customers at checkout, utilizing email marketing campaigns, and distributing updates regularly, can help keep your members educated about your loyalty program. Ultimately, if members see the value in transacting with your program, they will engage more," said Brown.

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