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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : August 12, 2016

Expert: How interactive content will change the digital space

Interactivity, be it in overt advertising, advertorial content or even product reviews, is an expensive undertaking for any brand. It is expensive in both monetary and time concerns, but one expert believes the future of interactive content is changing.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What should companies and brands pay attention to in terms of interactive content?

Dan Bigman, Publisher, Verse: Everyone knows interactivity works to get viewers engaged with content. If you give people choices and the ability to make decisions in stories, they do. If the history of the Internet and the video game industry has taught us anything, it's taught us that. (Pokemon Go is just the most recent example.)

Kristina: Are we headed to a more democratization of interactive content?

Dan: interactive content creation will be democratized over the next couple of years -- it will happen much faster than anyone anticipates -- and brands will need to tell new kinds of stories where their viewers and followers are in control of the experience. Getting comfortable with that shift -- and learning how to tell stories in this way -- will be critical.

Kristina: Where does Verse think interactive content will be in the next five years?

Dan: Right now, video is the last holdout when it comes to interactivity online. Everything else allows you to interact, to make choices and decisions. Video is, in very basic terms, the last thing you can't click on. That will change rapidly. Interactive content will become a ubiquitous part of the media landscape across all platforms, from mobile and desktop to over-the-top and virtual reality (VR).

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