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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 08, 2016

Top 3 tips to personalize better

There has been a lot of chatter lately about personalization leading to creep factors on the consumer side of things. With that in mind, one expert shares three tips for a better personalization strategy.

by Kristina Knight

First, control the data

"Data is key to successfully implementing personalization campaigns. However, brand marketers and content publishers alike are failing to capitalize on all the data available to them. For example, many brands negotiate monetary agreements with content aggregators such as Facebook and Google, but they forget these websites are sitting on a massive pile of user data," said Tom Wilde, General Manager, Cxense. "Similarly, marketers across industries have access to significant user data, but often don't realize what they have. Even anonymous users provide some data, such as topical or product interests. For instance, an anonymous user that clicks on an ad for a Caribbean hot spot, browses a retailer's resort-wear section, and buys a straw hat and a woman's rash guard is painting a very clear picture: she is likely bound for vacation in the Caribbean, enjoys a fun night out and takes skincare seriously. A marketer can put that data together to form the start of a personalized customer journey."

Second, understand the data

"The latest Gartner report listed 36 competing vendors in the "personalization" market. However, a deeper dive into these 36 vendors shows the marketing world isn't quite sure what personalization is," said Wilde. ""Personalization" is often used as an umbrella term that actually encompasses several other marketing solutions, like optimization and recommendation. Marketers must learn the differences between these tactics. Optimization is about determining the best way to present something to a larger audience, as opposed to personalization, which focuses on the individual."

Third, always think about strategy

"Personalization can be applied numerous times throughout the customer journey. Marketers often try to grab personalization by the horns and deploy it at each interaction. However, doing so often causes chaos and makes it impossible to determine the ROI. Marketers should pinpoint a few key interactions that can clearly be measured. One of the most visited pages on the website - the homepage - is a great place to start. Personalizing this interaction can increase page views and time spent on the website. For example, users visiting the Winnipeg Free Press spent 60 percent more time on the website after adopting personalization technology. Beginning with one use case, like the homepage, can help to determine any holes in personalization strategies and provide marketers with the feedback they need to improve before launching a broader personalization campaign," said Wilde.

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