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BizReport : Internet : July 01, 2016

Expert: Take a page from the Genius Bar to improve CSR

When it comes to customer service, many businesses could learn a thing or two from Apple's Genius Bar. One expert offers five tip to begin employing 'genius' methods.

by Kristina Knight

1. Employee education

"One of the biggest complaints amongst help desk staff is that too much of their time is spent helping company employees fix basic issues that they should be able to resolve on their own, such as not being able to log in, restoring deleted files from the recycle bin, or slow internet speeds," said Sarah Lahav, CEO, SysAid Technologies. "Instead of immediately changing an employee password, restoring deleted files remotely, or restarting the router, help desks are realizing that it's more beneficial to explain to employees why and how these issues arise. Through educating employees on common problems, the amount of service calls is reduced and the often overworked help desk staff can focus on more crucial issues."

2. Providing customer service

"Since the IT department is a part of the company (unless the department is outsourced), customer service isn't a top priority for some technical support members. However, Apple's approach places a strict focus on providing top notch customer service and CIOs are taking this into consideration," said Lahav. "Some examples of better customer service in IT departments include faster response time to newly opened tickets, updating employees while issues are being resolved, and following up after tickets are closed."

3. Let employees play

"The rise of BYOD and the consumerization of IT have both played a role in the variety of mobile devices available for business use. Device manufacturers and app developers are all making products for the tech savvy business person to be more productive and more efficient. With all of these options, employees have to find out what's the best fit for their position and company," said Lahav.

4. Be inviting

"If you don't have a technical support issue, there's no reason to contact the IT department, right? Wrong! As Apple's Genius Bar has proven, providing a welcoming environment encourages customers (or employees in this case) to come by even if something isn't necessarily broken," said Lahav. "This has several benefits, the most important of which, is promoting preventative maintenance. All too often, people wait until their devices get a virus or completely stop working to check up on it. This makes repairs more difficult and time consuming."

5. Hire well-rounded staff

"Just having the technological know-how is no longer sufficient enough for help desk staff. CIOs are looking for help desk people who have the ability to talk on the phone, be personable, and generally have a likeable attitude. In addition to this, support staff also has to be able to fix more devices than ever before. Employees are now equipped with a variety of Android, Windows, Apple, and Blackberry devices, which are all built differently. Pre-BYOD, the help desk was limited to only having to fix a few different types of devices, but that has drastically changed within the past decade," said Lahav.

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