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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : July 05, 2016

Expert: How multiple purchases impact reviews

According to several new reports, up to half of online purchases now include multiple items - and these multi-item orders are impacting consumer reviews.

by Kristina Knight

"More than 60% of that come through our network contain more than one item, but until now, brands and retailers haven't been asking, let alone capturing, reviews for each of the items in that order," said Matt Parsons, Chief Customer Officer, PowerReviews. "Traditionally, ratings and reviews providers would ask for a review of one product in a multi-item order."

For example, if a woman checked out with a necklace, and a dress and shows in one order, if all of those items aren't included in a follow up 'review your recent purchase' email, there is a chance the buyer will only review one - or even none - of the items.

"We found this to be a huge missed opportunity for brands and retailers to increase review collection and improve their product coverage. Because of this, we developed our new tool, Review Your Purchases, which allows consumers to quickly review multiple products from a single page," said Parsons.

He suggests brands implement a better review strategy that includes all items in an order, and a single reviewer page.

"Make the process of writing a review as simple possible. The less hoops a customer has to jump through, the better," said Parsons. "Brands and retailers can simplify the review writing process by allowing customers to review multiple products from a single page and by enabling the option for consumers to write reviews without leaving the page they're on to do so. It's also important to make sure your review forms are mobile-friendly and fully responsive. This makes it easier for your consumers to write reviews from any device."

More from Parsons and PowerReviews later this week, including how incentivized reviews may influence consumers.

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