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BizReport : Social Marketing : July 20, 2016

Expert: How Facebook Canvas may help online brands

There is a new tool on Facebook, and it could change the way brands interact with their customers by offering more interactivity and increased function.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: For those new to digital - and social - marketing, what are Facebook Canvas Ads?

Eric Franchi, Undertone Co-Founder: Have you seen Facebook's Instant Articles? Those articles with the little white lightning bolt in the upper right, which load much faster than a standard link, and take you to the browser? Think of Canvas as Instant Articles for ads. They open fast, provide a high degree of interactivity and functionality, and stay within the Facebook environment.

Kristina: Why are they important for businesses?

Eric: Standard Facebook Sponsored Posts are fantastic, but it's becoming increasingly harder for brands to stand out using the standard format. Plus, they don't offer some of the interesting functionalities that advertisers are coming to expect from sophisticated mobile ads, such as swipe or scrolling. It gives brands a large, interactive canvas (no pun, but I'm sure this played into the naming) to work with.

Kristina: Facebook Canvas ads are slated to speed up - why?

Eric: By staying in the Facebook ad environment and adhering to ad specs, it allows the ads to load much faster than standard ads. Up to 10 times faster, according to Facebook.

Kristina: What does this mean for brands using Facebook to advertise?

Eric: I think it could open a floodgate of new and creative ad experiences within Facebook. Taking the large format size, marrying that with video and interactive functionality such as tilt, scroll and swipe - the opportunities to tell brand stories in new interactive ways are really exciting.

Kristina: Undertone is also going to enable retargeting - what does this mean for advertisers in the Facebook space?

Eric: Retargeting is traditionally used to re-message to a consumer who has been to a brand's website. We are taking that concept and bringing it to brand advertising by allowing marketers to retarget consumers who have been exposed to, or interacted with, a creative. This will allow a brand who invests in a high impact placement on the web to continue building frequency against those valuable audiences within social environments.

Kristina: How can brands better use Facebook to connect with consumers?

Eric: Because Facebook is so large, and consumers use it with such frequency, embracing some of these newer tools such as Canvas and sophisticated targeting opens up a world of creative possibilities.

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  • I think it’s a good move by Facebook, because if you don’t have happy users, they’ll find another social network to spend time on. Then it doesn’t matter how many advertisers you have. Long term it will be for the better.



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