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BizReport : Internet : July 05, 2016

Age of the password almost over, security pro's favor behavioral biometrics

More and more businesses are replacing the familiar username and password with more secure options, according to new research from mobile identity firm TeleSign, as security professionals no longer trust the security of existing methods.

by Helen Leggatt

In their new report, 'Beyond the Password: The Future of Account Security', TeleSign reveal that of 600 security professionals they surveyed across 15 industries in the U.S. the vast majority (69%) believe usernames and passwords are insecure.

crack.jpgIn fact, nearly three-quarters believe that, by 2025, passwords will have been phased out. Already, companies are moving beyond passwords and implementing a two-factor authentication process and, says Ryan Disraeli, co-founder of TeleSign, while "newer technologies such as behavioral biometrics are emerging to address many of the concerns developers have around adding new tech to their applications".

In fact, 8 in 10 said that behavioral biometrics would greatly improve security without impacting on user experience and 54% said they plan to implement such security measures in 2016 or later.

Behavioral biometrics stand apart from physical biometrics such as retinal scans and fingerprints in that, while physical data are static and can potentially be stolen and reused, behavioral biometrics, such as keystroke speed, keystroke pressure, voice ID and mouse use characteristics, are far harder to falsify or steal. For a good overview of behavioral versus physical biometrics, check out Robert Capps' article on Techspective.

"The business of fraud has become public enemy number one for mobile and online companies," said Disraeli. "Cybercrime such as account takeover is affecting businesses of all sizes by incurring financial losses, loss of customers and users and ultimately brand damage. In order to address the failing password, enterprises need to add additional account security technologies to keep user accounts safe. Behavioral biometrics technology and two-factor authentication are emerging as leading candidates to bridge the gap."

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