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BizReport : Advertising archives : June 09, 2016

Top 3 tips to help with data merge

Technology advancements and innovation in business intelligence are enabling marketers to manage their data more efficiently and quickly than ever before. While data is becoming more complex and can inundate marketers, they also have access to more advanced tools to help them manage and analyze it. One expert offers three tips to help with merging data across martech platforms.

by Kristina Knight

First, remove the IT bottleneck

"Access to data is one of the most valuable assets a marketer can have, but for too many organizations, that access is restricted or delayed because it's held up by IT departments. Or, even worse, some organizations with limited IT resources are left without a way to manage the data at all. With today's business intelligence capabilities, however, IT can be removed from the equation to put the power of analytics directly into marketers' hands. By removing IT complexity, marketers are able to drive more insights from their data in real-time, to improve campaign effectiveness," said Jeremy Sokolic, VP of Product Management, Sisense.

Second, capture a 360-degree view of your customer

"As consumers connect, shop and consume across channels and devices, marketers are struggling to view all the data generated by disparate marketing and sales solutions through a single lens. Agile technology that can marry together data from multiple sources quickly and easily is crucial to extracting business value from data," said Sokolic. "If you're not analyzing all of your channels - think Salesforce, Marketo, mobile traffic, etc. - then you're not getting the whole picture to pull accurate insights. Worse yet, limited view of relevant data can generate erroneous insights, which may render a marketer's decisions and actions ineffective or even detrimental to his or her efforts. The need for this data to be mashed up quickly, from all sources, is critical for companies to remain competitive."

Third, measure effectiveness and adjust campaigns accordingly

"Marketing campaigns need to be measured for their effectiveness, and agile technologies can help improve effectiveness by enabling real-time adjustments. The importance of data analytics when looking to gain insight into a campaign is critical. In fact, the ability to adjust a campaign based on data insight can result in millions of dollars saved or earned during a campaign. A marketer looking to target Millennials, for example, needs to be able to quickly analyze data from several sources, including local, social and mobile, to evaluate the impact of a campaign, and then use that insight to fuel future promotions or offerings that are personalized to the specific demographic," said Sokolic.

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