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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : May 17, 2016

What the app explosion means for marketers

In the past, experts have decried app growth, with many insistent the mobile web was the most important aspect of the mobile space. Instead of the death of apps, however, we're seeing more and more apps and more app usage.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What should marketers know about app advertising?

Tyler Davidson, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, PushSpring: Mobile users spend the majority of their time using apps, in fact, eMarketer estimates that consumers spend, on average, 203 minutes a day with apps (vs. just 52 minutes with the mobile browser.)

The most relevant data in today's world is device ID-based and used in a deterministic fashion. For example, if a marketer wants to target frequent travelers (indicated by several travel apps installed on their phone) marketers can target the device identifier and not the app themselves, so a user can be served an ad in any app they engage with, not just travel apps.

Buyers are just now realizing the importance of mobile apps with eMarketer suggest that 73% of ad spending in mobile going to apps.

Kristina: How has the explosion of smartphones and the app ecosystem translated in what you and the team are doing at PushSpring?

Tyler: We're focused on providing advertisers and app publishers with high-quality audience data that is both insightful and actionable. Specifically, our Audience Console customers use our data to understand mobile app audiences better, and then they use the tools we provide to create highly targeted audience segments that can be bought/sold programmatically. We also provide customers with the ability to upload their 1st party data to unearth unique insights about their customers and the segments/affinities they map to for people based marketing.

Kristina: Where is the greatest customer demand coming from?

Tyler: We see demand across a number of verticals, including: Travel, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods... ...but we're also seeing a jump in Over-the-Top (OTT) Video and Content firms. Specifically, we see a lot of customers using our data to drive more effective user acquisition by targeting people with video streaming apps on their device. The knock-on effect is companies with video content looking to promote their video content or drive better engagement with audiences of video streaming apps. Lots of demand coming that category, but it's still too early for us to make calls on where and how our data is being used best.

More from Davidson and PushSpring tomorrow, including the direction mobile apps are heading.

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