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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : March 02, 2016

Top 3 tips to develop apps the global audience will love

With apps driving more and more mobile engagement, many brands are looking into app development or sponsorship opportunities. According to one expert the driver for app engagement is intimacy. Here are his top 3 tips to create apps the global audience will love.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is the draw to apps?

Sylvain Dufour, CEO, FotoSwipe: Because handheld devices are a more intimate form of technology than other types of computing devices, they quickly become integrated into our lives, following us all day long in our pockets. Through apps, our phones can become our virtual assistants, giving us directions, translating languages, and keeping us in contact with our friends and colleagues. And our favorite apps are always only one tap away...

Kristina: How can US-based app developers ensure their apps hold appeal for international customers?

Sylvain: Whether customers are US-based or international, all users appreciate well-made apps with intuitive user interfaces. Quality design will cut across cultural barriers and have wide appeal.

Kristina: What are the main differences between international and US users? And how can developers ensure they address these differences?

Sylvain: Cultural references, date and time formats, language direction, and number systems are a few examples of differences that can trip up developers when they attempt to develop for international audiences. Testing localized versions of the app with native speakers can help to spot issues and iron out cross-cultural differences.

Kristina: What about app translation - how important is translation to an app's appeal?

Sylvain: Presenting the app in the user's native language helps people feel comfortable with the app, which helps not only with adoption, but also with user retention. Also let's not forget the majority of the world does not speak English!

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips for app developers to create apps for an international audience?

Sylvain: 1) Thought should be given towards internationalization during the design and development process, not as an afterthought when redesign can be awkward and expensive.

2) Simplify UIs, and minimize text where appropriate to make language-independent adoption easier. Less text, more images...

3) When thinking about localization, language translation is only one aspect. Don't forget to give thought to icon design, date representations, language direction, and currency formats.

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  • My App Mate

    on my point of view design is king if your are design an app according to UI and UX you will never loose your audiences but you can beat the market



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