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BizReport : Social Marketing : March 29, 2016

Top 3 tips for a better branded social media strategy

If traditional TV viewing was dependent on viewers watching what the networks thought they should watch, viewers would revolt. That approach, says one expert, is why so many brands aren't succeeding in social media: because they are serving customers what they think the customer wants...instead of letting the customer decide.

by Kristina Knight

How can brands do better in the social space? Here are three tips.

First, focus on interests and relevance

"Rather than casting a wide net, focus on reaching a better qualified community based on interests. In addition, brands should create content that offers something of value to the consumer, such as a "how to" or an educational piece. The content should not be about the brand; rather, it should offer advice or ideas on how to improve aptitude with a specific interest," said Winder Hughes, founder and CEO of mobile lifestyle network HI-FI.

Second, create meaningful metrics that go beyond the "like," and instead focus on engagement.

"Not all consumers are equal. Those that really care about your brand matter most. Figure out how to reach those specific consumers--they're the ones that will help your business succeed," said Hughes.

Third, take advantage of the communication channels that social media enables.

"On both a one-to-one and one-to-many basis, help create a community of people with shared interests that align with your brand. This will create a win-win situation for brands and consumers: users connect around relevant content and community; content creators have confidence that their content is relevant to a target audience; and marketers can better reach an engaged community of their ideal target audience," said Hughes.

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