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BizReport : Ecommerce : March 17, 2016

Expert: Why brands should target top-of-funnel consumers

Most experts believe targeting consumers who are near the bottom of the sales funnel is a great tactic for increasing conversions, and there is no doubt this tactic works. But, according to one expert, targeting top of the funnel shoppers can also prove to be a strong strategy.

by Kristina Knight

"While most e-commerce experiences have traditionally been transactional with technology and automation focused on the bottom of the funnel, such as product recommendations and email triggers, fierce competition from Amazon with more competitive pricing and faster logistics is making it critical for retailers to shift their efforts toward retention, loyalty, and driving repeat purchases," said Eldar Sadikov, Jetlore. "To do this, retailers must create engaging experiences at the top of the funnel through fresh and relevant content everywhere from promotional and lifecycle emails, homepages, and section pages."

The key, says Sadikov, is not to treat those consumers at the top of the funnel as 'one size fits all' customers. Instead, Sadikov believes retailers should invest in creative, segmentation options and content planning from the top through the bottom of the sales funnel.

"Relevant (i.e. personalized), by itself, is insufficient for the upper funnel. 'Fresh' is also crucial - offering interactions that adapt from one experience to the next. And of course, it has to be across channels and devices, which requires more than just user profiles. This requires technology and processes to 'recognize' customers when and where they 'show up'," said Sadikov.

How can brands better curate top of the funnel leads? First, enlist behavioral targeting.

"In order to drive conversions at the top of the sales funnel, brands need to consume behavioral data including purchases, recent product pageviews, searches, and reactions to content, and product information such as trends, seasonality, and other performance data to predict and re-rank relevant content for each customer experience," said Sadikov.

All of this, of course, underlines the importance of data for retailers. Tomorrow, Sadikov's top tips for a better data strategy.

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