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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : March 23, 2016

Brands: How to use millennial content providers to connect

Content has been key to brands for more than a century, but in the digital age, content has become even more important because the barriers for content creation have been removed. One expert explains how brands can use millennial content creators to drive engagement.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is the draw of millennial content within YouTube and other video channels?

Brendan Lattrell, co-founder and CEO of Grapevine: YouTube is becoming this generation's "Google." You can find and learn about pretty much everything on YouTube. Everything from having a tough time with algebra homework, to how to execute the perfect winged eyeliner, to how to make your prom dress. Millennials are incredibly visual - they've grown up with the Internet and probably with a cell phone glued to their hand, so it's only natural for them to turn to video channels for content.

Kristina: How are brands capitalizing on this video trend?

Brendan: While a lot of brands are capitalizing on the video trend, it's still not a staple in marketing budgets. Forward thinking brands, however, are capitalizing on the trend by having influencer marketing not only as a line item in their budget, but one that's increasing quarter over quarter, year over year as they quickly see the ROI. Brands have been able to amplify their message hugely with a small amount of budget allocated - sometimes even with a single video. Here's an example of a sponsored video that went viral and has over 6M views!

Brands that are early to the game are developing relationships with the types of creators they're looking to work with. They grow with these creators and cultivate a collaborative partnership that has some serious legs. For example, we started working with MyLifeAsEva in 2013 when she was just on the rise. Now she has over 5M subscribers and her videos cost in the tens of thousands to sponsor.

Kristina: Before diving in to YouTube content, what should brands know?

Brendan: There are a couple things that brands need to know before diving into the YouTube world. First, it's not scripted, so it will always be authentic and appealing to the right audiences. That's the beauty of YouTube - the imperfection of it. Jenna Marbles is a classic example of how well a truly authentic video can work for a brand, despite not being "perfectly" executed. If a brand is looking for a perfectly executed video, YouTube is not the place for them.

Also, while connecting with influencers is a simple notion, it's difficult to execute well without some sort of outside help. There are a lot of nuances that brands never even fathom until they start to get into the nitty gritty of building out campaigns and working with creators. There are many tools available that can help with this.

More from Grapevine and Brendan later this week, including his top three tips for using content creators.

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