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BizReport : Advertising archives : January 07, 2016

3 trends that will reshape business this year

There have been innumerable changes to the way businesses run over the past five years thanks to the digital space. One expert believes there are three more key trends that will impact how businesses run in 2016.

by Kristina Knight

First, Millennial workplace ideals

"When it comes to the workplace, millennials need a very strong sense of purpose. They want more than just a job - they want to progress towards a larger goal that will transform the potential of a good life into a great one. In fact, millennials are willing to trade compensation if it means they will be truly inspired at work," said Mark Organ, CEO, Influitive. "As a result, we'll see many more businesses providing delightful, customized work experiences for each individual employee - businesses will work to understand, help, develop and empower each employee to acquire the skills and requirements needed to fulfill his larger career or life goals, provide enjoyable day-to-day work projects and offer a comfortable work-life balance."

Second, corporate email's eulogy

"Consumers are shifting the way information is shared and communicated. Email, which has long been the foundation for team collaboration in the corporate world, is beginning to lose steam. According to a recent study by Adobe, email usage accounts for 30+ hours a week for those survey respondents. Due to the rise of lightweight messaging platforms like Slack and Asana, the corporate email communication will start its decline in 2016 and the most fast-paced, project tracking approaches to inter team communication will find its foothold," said Organ.

Third, the experience era.

"Gone are the days when a great product alone defined a company. Now, it's all about the 'experience,'" said Organ. "As a result, marketers are beginning to approach the customer experience much like Disney and the Ritz Carlton do. The increasing cross-pollination of entertainment and work shows that people want to have delightful moments throughout their workday, and they don't wait until they get home from work to seek this out. Fun and entertainment are becoming an integral part of the daily work experience - for both customers and employees - and thus a key component that 'experience designers' need to consider."

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