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BizReport : Advertising archives : December 18, 2015

Top 4 tips to develop an efficient creative team

The communication lines between content producers, sales, marketing and executives can sometimes to be hard to navigate. Here are our top 4 tips to create a more effective communication system.

by Kristina Knight

First, be open

"Based on a survey [Visually] recently conducted with nearly 800 content marketers and creatives, more than 60% of content marketers and creatives believe that the key issues that hinder optimal collaboration include poor communication, such as a lack of timely and consistent feedback, ill-defined and executed creative briefs, and a shortage of creative team staffing. The good news is that these issues can be easily overcome with better communication and by developing processes that foster open communication," said Matt Cooper, CEO, Visually.

Second, develop creative briefing guidelines and an open forum for questions

"Less than 23% of creatives indicated that marketers do a good job with the creative brief process. To improve on this, make sure to develop guidelines on what needs to be included in the creative brief for everyone to get a holistic understanding of the project and what's required of them. During the kick-off meeting, highly encourage all team members, especially creatives, to probe deeper into the creative brief by asking questions and getting more clarity up front so there isn't any misunderstanding when they start to execute. Also use their feedback and questions to make the creative brief better," said Cooper.

Third, create effective feedback processes with team ambassadors

"Thirty-two% of creatives said they receive poor feedback and less than 29% said that marketers provide feedback that's consistent or given in a timely manner. It's therefore important to put in place structured feedback processes in which members of each team are assigned to sign off on each iteration of content. Without those appointed ambassadors, feedback becomes a free-for-all and the creative finds himself having to incorporate sometimes conflicting feedback, resulting in an end product that nobody is satisfied with because it's geared to meet the lowest common denominator," said Cooper.

Fourth, address workload issues openly

"The survey also showed that only 24% of marketers feel that the creative teams they work with are staffed adequately. And the majority of creatives agree with just 16% indicating that they have enough bandwidth to meet marketers' demands. So before assuming the creative can take on the work, ask her about her workload. If it's too high, consider another creative at the company or hire an outside freelancer. Looking for alternative options from the start is better than getting in the middle of a project just to find out that you're not getting the level of detail or service that you need," said Cooper.

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