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BizReport : Advertising : December 22, 2015

Top 3 trends for video in 2016

Video has become somewhat forgotten with the rise of social marketing and other rich media formats. But, according to one expert, 2016 will see a resurgence of online video - both content and ads. Here are his top 3 tips.

by Kristina Knight

1. Someone will accurately size the future global video market across all screens.

"While it's correctly sized for today, I believe the future US and non-US video markets are meaningfully under-represented given the blurring of linear TV, VOD, OTT, CTV, desktop and mobile video into something that looks more like the current digital video ecosystem than anything else," said Bill Day, CEO, Tremor Video. "Surely the digital video numbers will be much bigger than any research entity is currently predicting, and will continue to grow over time - by my calculations becoming a $50 billion global industry by the mid-2020's. Better measurement is especially necessary in non-US markets where digital video consumption and programmatic buying appear in many cases to be outpacing the US market."

2. Video sellers will implement better monetization strategies by letting technology do more of the heavy lifting.

"We already know that non-traditional viewing of traditional content is way up - time-shifting, device-crossing, you name it. But monetizing all of that content in a holistic way rarely happens, which is why you see trends like header bidding gaining traction, but it's just a start. If sellers were to adopt an SSP to manage all demand -letting the technology do the work of scouring through direct and indirect sales opportunities - they would be much more likely to maximize yield and deliver the best viewer experience. That's a big move and won't happen right away. I am starting with small goals and simply crossing my fingers that I don't have to see "TV commercial break in progress" holding screens when I watch the 2016 Olympics on my iPad this summer," said Day.

3. Video buyers will embrace media plans that include high-performing content they know as well as high-performing content they don't.

"Consumers are spending increasingly more time with new content (think: Young Hollywood, Mic, Drama Fever, Crunchyroll), while buyers tend to still gravitate toward revered but legacy brands only, then complain about lack of inventory. Buyers need to understand that engaged consumers are worth the same whatever and wherever they're watching so long as quality is strong. Pairing data with really smart technology means we don't need to stick to 17 channels like they do on TV. We can engage the right viewer on the right device with the right ad even if it's with a content destination that hasn't been around for fifteen years (or longer)," said Day.

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