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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : December 29, 2015

Expert: Why mobile is broken and how it can be fixed

This holiday we have seen scores of people not only researching but buying items via mobile, but according to one expert mobile is broken. Here is how he says it can be fixed.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Why do you consider mobile to be broken?

Ryan Golden, CEO, Mosais: There is a ton of money flowing into mobile marketing, and advertising in particular. Mobile advertising will reach $72B worldwide this year, up 70% vs. 2014 (eMarketer). Unlike on the web, marketing on mobile is very fragmented. This is because there are various levels of control among the larger publishers such as Facebook, the platforms and operating systems such as Apple and Google, and the wireless carriers. The biggest issue with mobile is the lack of universal measurement, meaning targeting and understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is challenging. For the web, it's not as difficult because there are cookies.

Kristina: What mobile features pose the biggest challenges for marketers?

Ryan: The most critical is that it travels. As a result, understanding location and how to derive value from it is more complicated, and marketers are often applying desktop thinking and technologies to their mobile strategies which is limiting. When it comes to mobile devices, location is a dynamic, moving target. Advertisers must begin to invest in integrated technologies that make sense of location data in near real time and enable the advertiser to deliver the most relevant content in that moment.

Kristina: How can mobile be righted in 2016?

Ryan: The industry is getting smarter. In 2015 we saw a shift in the industry where marketers looked towards location data to drive mobile advertising targeting and measurement. Given it's often difficult to identify consumers based on accurate and consistent demographic data due to the fragmentation issue, for example, utilizing location technology makes sense for mobile marketing. You can analyze their location patterns and learn a good deal, such as where they live and how affluent they may be, where they work, and the types of leisure activities and shops they visit. You can also measure, in many cases, whether advertising resulted in a store visit. That being said, the technologies are there to right the issues, but in some cases the data is still quite fragmented because most players just have pieces of it.

Kristina: What do you expect to see in mobile next year?

Ryan: In 2016 we will see a greater adoption of location technology, and we will also see the holders of the data begin to think about how they monetize it. This will make advertising more effective and more valuable for everyone. For consumers, they will benefit from more relevant advertisements personalized for them.

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