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BizReport : Internet : December 25, 2015

Brands: What you need to know about IPv6

There will be some significant changes to how brands use the Internet in 2016, and the changes won't all be about marketing strategy. The change to IPv6 promises to hold some unique challenges to online businesses.

by Kristina Knight

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is coming - and it's coming up fast. While IPv6 has been in use for a couple of years, not all legacy brands have been using it. They've been stuck in IPv4. The problem? There is no more room in IPv4, which means a hard switch to IPv6.

"There are no more IPv4 addresses available which means, starting now and throughout 2016, companies everywhere will need to begin the transition to IPv6. This will be a huge task, since the two versions aren't compatible," said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO & Co-Founder, Dyn. "But transitioning should be a priority for tech teams and marketers alike. IPv6 is able to provide companies with much more detail when identifying the origins of website traffic. That means IPv6 can offer marketers better insight into customers and, by extension, it will allow them to better personalize web experiences for those customers."

One of the positive changes: IPv6 should help brands better integrate and use the Internet of Things (IoT). Because IPv6 is mobile optimized, and because mobile is seeing such strong growth, the switchover should help brands ready to both advertise, engage and convert.

"IPv6 is better for conversions, and better for your bottom line. Find out if your company is still using IPv4, and begin the conversation about starting that transition sooner rather than later. Like many technology transitions, the change will be slow, but those that embrace the change early will be more advantaged once IPv6 becomes the new normal," said Hitchcock.

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    ISPs that are deploying IPv6 could help make it more attractive to customers by starting to support static IPv6 prefix assignments.



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