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BizReport : December 11, 2015 Archive

December 11, 2015 Archive

Social Marketing | December 11, 2015

Facebook at Work to launch soon

Facebook use at work if often frowned upon. But the official Facebook at Work, the version that doesn't let users play Candy Crush, is launching soon and is set to be a hit. >>

Social Marketing | December 11, 2015

Twitter feature to show ads to users that are not logged in

Twitter's mission to monetize non-active users has resulted in the testing of a new feature that will show ads to users who read Tweets without logging in and non-users. >>

Trends & Ideas | December 11, 2015

Is the end nigh for smartphones?

Just as consumers are getting used to having their smartphone on them at all times, a report by Swedish telecoms firm Ericsson suggests the mobile device could be obsolete in five years time. >>

Ecommerce | December 11, 2015

Top 4 drawbacks in the freemium space

There is a lot to be said for freemium software, especially for small businesses. Why pay thousands of dollars for software that you may only use once or multi-layered software that only offers one tool? But, there are also drawbacks to the freemium space, and one expert offers insight into why freemium may not always be the right choice. >>

Ecommerce | December 11, 2015

Small business trends to watch in 2016

Small business may boom in 2016, and one expert believes 2015 will show us where SMBs are going. Hint: it's a service industry economy, baby. >>

Advertising | December 11, 2015

How to better use data in 2016

There is a move in the data space to remove human bias. According to one expert, this trend will become a major force in 2016. Here is why. >>