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BizReport : Viral Marketing : November 19, 2015

Top 3 tips for online video measurement

Online video is a great tool for brands. The problem is knowing how to measure video - is it by views or completions or is the true measure those who not only watch but then click? One expert offers his top tips for video measurement.

by Kristina Knight

Device & Distribution Network

"Viewer behavior varies significantly across different devices. This is true not just for Android vs Apple, but also for phone vs tablet. Understanding the specifics around this differing behavior allows marketers to tailor the best user experience across device type," said Jonathan Stefansky, CEO, Viewbix. "From a distribution perspective, where a viewer is seeing your video ad has a massive impact on viewer behavior. As an example, pre-roll ads are more intrusive vs the more native experience of social video ads. As a result, viewer intentions will differ significantly. A pre-roll ad will need to catch someone's attention really quickly and should be designed differently than one that is more a social/native experience where viewers are opting in. By creating different video experiences for different types of viewers, marketers can better increase their chances of success."

Percent of Video Viewed and (more importantly) Time in Video Users Take Action

"Measuring the percent of the video viewed is important to understanding how much of a viewer's attention a video has captured. Furthermore, putting calls to action in videos are critical to having viewers take the desired next step. Tracking at what point in the video, actions are taken helps marketers understand what messages in their videos are resonating. This metric also allows marketers to optimize video performance by changing the time in the video a call to action is placed," said Stefansky.

Geography and Tying it Back to Calls to Action

"Adjusting messages and calls to action to targeted geographies can result in significant lift in performance," said Stefansky. "If a campaign's audience is global, both the videos and types of calls to action will have to be adjusted to the specific audiences of the single campaign. This is not just true per region or country, but also per specific demographics within one region or country. For example, more urban viewers may act differently than rural audiences."

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