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BizReport : Advertising archives : November 04, 2015

Expert: How sports are taking brands global

Professional sports are enjoyed by millions of people all over the world regardless of race, gender, religion, culture, etc. These audiences are engaged, social, and interactive, but how can brands connect through sports across the globe?

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: In the US, we are seeing more sporting events held overseas. What does this trend mean for US businesses/brands?

Caitlyn Nicholson, Business Development Specialist, LinguaLinx: The NFL recognizes the power of globalization and what expanding their global reach can do for brand recognition and growth. Sporting events are major events for brands to capitalize on. We've seen it domestically with Super Bowl advertising. On a global scale, we see a lot of ads centered around global events such as the World Cup and also the Olympic games. The NFL is its own brand and they have looked to expand this brand overseas and introduce themselves to a wider global audience.

Kristina: How can brands use this trend to capitalize?

Caitlyn: Brands can look at the NFL and what they are doing and learn from them in terms of expansion. When looking to go global you should start early and study the market. (The first international NFL exhibition game played was in Japan in 1976.) They have held games in Mexico, Canada, Japan, and in Europe over the past few decades.

Kristina: What should brands look for before diving in to sports marketing?

Caitlyn: In studying the market, you should look for a good place to start your expansion. Narrowing your focus is a great idea. Recently, the NFL centered on London. If successful, the NFL knew that London would be the gateway into the rest of the European market. The league has scheduled regular season games at Wembley Stadium and have worked on educating the population on the rules of the game and generating interest. After all, "American Football" is not widely known outside of the United States. Educating potential new customers on your brand and what your product or service can offer is very important.

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