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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : November 05, 2015

Expert: How consumers are pushing mobile

Advertisers are following consumers into the mobile space in droves, and one expert expects this trend to continue. The key, of course, is not for advertisers to simple be mobile, but to engage there. Here is how to do that:

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is pushing mobile advertisement my past desktop?

Neil Sweeney, President and CEO at JUICE Mobile: Simple - the user. To be clear, nothing is pushing brand dollars to mobile. Consumers are pulling them there. Advertising goes where eyeballs are. Those eyeballs are rapidly diminishing in newspapers, radio and other traditional media. Take a look around? What are the most disruptive platforms on the planet at the moment? Uber, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, to name just a few. And, these four are mobile-only. Not to mention Facebook and Twitter whose users are overwhelmingly accessing those platforms via mobile. Desktop has a few more years, but time is not on its side. Everything, and I mean everything, will be powered by a mobile OS (your home, your car, etc.) in the near future so you better have your act together when you are thinking about mobile.

Kristina: Do you expect this trend to continue?

Neil: If you don't you have your head in the sand. Shadow an 18-year-old for two hours and let me know if you don't think the trend is not going to continue.

Kristina: How can brands ensure they are getting the most from mobile campaigns?

Neil: Brands need to start with mobile - not end with it. If you are looking to reach an 18-34 year-old and you are not all over mobile you are missing a vital piece to your plan. Mobile is always on and should not be perceived as an add on.

Pay attention. Advertisers need to think about the following: what are you measuring? What is your benchmark? What are you trying to do? What are the platforms you are using? What about creative? If you do this you will find your way in mobile.

Study. I tell everyone in my companies to do this and sometimes I am amazed when people don't do it. Advertising's future is dependent on mobile so people who want to stay ahead of the curve must study it DAILY. Not once in a while. Commit to learning and studying mobile and you will naturally separate yourself and your brand from the competition. Do you know the difference between cookies in online and tracking in mobile? Ask your senior team this question and you will realize how much you need to know. This simple question and its understanding will create a whole new set of thinking.

Kristina: What is next for mobile advertisements?

Neil: More measurement, more quality, more rich media, more location, more attribution, more proximity.

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