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BizReport : Internet : November 26, 2015

3 IT trends to watch in 2016

Where is IT going in 2016? One expert weighs in with three trends to watch in the new year - trends that could benefit your company significantly.

by Kristina Knight

Frameworks Avoid the Waste of "Samework"

"2015 saw the rise of PaaS after years of promise. CloudFoundry became a foundation consisting of customers and vendors; new alliances emerged with RedHat's OpenShift now playing nice on Azure; and Pivotal continued to shout the loudest from the highest hilltop," said Sarah Lahav, CEO, SysAid Technologies. "Netflix open-sourced much of their operationally-minded PaaS components, with these now included in CloudFoundry, such that PaaS offerings are very complete. These "opinionated PaaS" frameworks can help organizations to "get there faster" by not needing to reinvent things such as log-in mechanisms, monitoring systems, or identity and access management systems. The more opinionated a platform is, the less needs to be built for the platform to be functional and operational. Any developers not using an opinionated PaaS in 2016 should be questioned thoroughly as to why they are reinventing the wheel."

IoT Drives Exponential Growth of Data and Connectivity

"There are already a number of excellent business IoT use cases and these will explode, across a variety of industries, where significant investment has been earmarked. These industries include healthcare, aviation, home automation, and civil infrastructure among others. As IoT sensors become smaller and cheaper, and thus more ubiquitous, they will both require more wireless connectivity and will generate huge amounts of time-series data. Such data has unique properties such as large occurrences of small, unchanging sensor-data writes and variable-frequency big-data reads on the same data. Combined, these will drive more cloud usage (the essential characteristics of broad network access and elastic capacity being essential for IoT) and new database systems such as Basho's Riak TS," said Lahav.

Malware Combat and Breach Reduction

"Sadly, more than 90 percent of corporate security breaches are caused by employees being hijacked by malware or suckered by phishing to reveal their credentials to criminals. In 2016, multiple factors of access security will become the norm to replace the username and passwords we are all so familiar with," said Lavah. "For instance, authentication code generators on mobile phones. New security software will interpret email attachments and applications embedded in browsers, such as PDF browsers, to decompose the content, check it against known safe formats (using whitelists), and recompose correctly before passing it on to the end user."

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