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BizReport : Advertising archives : October 08, 2015

How to make the most of TV ads

According to some reports the TV audience is shrinking - down by 15% year over year. This has led to TV upfronts going down by up to 10%, and has pushed marketers to look for ways to bolster their TV ad buys. One expert offers his top tips: hint - don't forget mobile viewers!

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: According to the IAB about 2/3 of consumers are now seeing TV ads on smartphones or other mobile devices. How can brands ensure their ads are optimized for mobile viewing?

Ashish Chordia, Alphonso CEO: Consumers are seeing many different types of ads units on smartphones. However, the important thing for brands and agencies to remember is that although specifics of ad units matter, viewibility matters more. TV is 100 percent video and 100 percent viewable, therefore finding similar ad-units on mobile is key. By delivering a video ad that is full-screen and certified to be 100 percent viewable makes the campaign on mobile similar to campaign on TV and delivers amazing results.

Additionally, there is lot of inventory on mobile therefore finding premium inventory and using relevant data to target the right set of users in the right context is important to guarantee good results.

Kristina: Do brands need to change their TV ad strategy because of the shift to mobile viewing?

Ashish: Yes, absolutely. From our vantage point, brands are already doing this and will continue to invest in large numbers. Alphonso is already working with several Fortune 100 brands and is helping with frequency extension, conquesting and buying TV audience on mobile. These brands are not simply investing in mobile or pure video ads decoupled from TV, they are running synchronized and re-targeting campaigns to make the TV buys more efficient and ultimately, better measured.

For instance, a large retail chain re-branded and ran an Alphonso campaign for over half a year complementing the TV buys. They then measured not just the brand awareness and favorability but also lift in foot traffic to the retail store attributable to complementing TV with Alphonso. This was the first time the retail brand had seen a baseline of how TV was driving people to to the 7000 retail locations they have.

Kristina: What about time-shifting - how can brands ensure they are getting the best bang for their TV ad buck when many consumers are fast-forwarding through commercial segments?

Ashish: This is a great question. Ad skipping has been a big problem that DVRs created over the past decade. Alphonso data shows that a little under half the population is skipping ads. Synchronized and re-targeting solutions offered by Alphonso allow brands to reach users who are known to have skipped the ad on DVR, on mobile. This precise targeting enables them to find the specific set of users who have seen or not seen specific set of ads on TV and then show them the ads on mobile.

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