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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : October 26, 2015

Expert: Which mobile insights will impact 2016

2015 has been called the year of mobile, and many companies have just launched apps in the past 6-9 months. They're navigating through this holiday season with a lot more guesswork than data to drive their mobile marketing strategies, but that shouldn't be the case by this time next year.

by Kristina Knight

Which mobile insights can brands gather now in preparation for a strong 2016?

"Every mobile commerce business needs to have mechanisms in place to collect data that can make the following year a bigger success. Since the holidays are such a heavy traffic time for apps, it's easy to collect a substantial amount of user data in a short period of time to see what's working and what's not working," said Aaron Glazer, CEO of Taplytics. "Focus primarily on insights that show you how your marketing funnel works and how your current users are interacting with your app."

Among the things to look for: Did you lose customers because you sent them an excessive number of push messages within the three-month holiday season? Did they fall off because you forced them to swipe through a 10-minute tutorial? Did your user activity dwindle in January because your retention campaign failed to re-engage them?

"Analyze your data to learn how your users made decisions in each part of the customer journey to know where you need to focus next year to improve their experiences. Demographic and behavioral data can also tell you more about who your customers are and you can begin to build personas for very targeted mobile push campaigns next year," said Glazer.

Once that data is collected, Glazer says brands need to know how to identify their top users so that they can create profiles for similar users.

"Power users are the profit bearers for any app. They're the ones that buy the most, re-subscribe the most frequently, spend the most time within your app and have the highest customer lifetime value. It seems to reason, then, that you'd want more users that act like them and have similar interests," said Glazer. "Targeting lookalikes is one of the most underused mobile marketing strategies, yet one of the most powerful ways to reach similar high-value customers. A good chunk of your marketing budget should be spent to try to acquire these customers over the holidays and retain them into the New Year. Find lookalikes by first identifying the characteristics and patterns shared by your most active mobile users, and then extend your holiday campaigns to focus specifically on customers similar to them."

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