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BizReport : October 9, 2015 Archive

October 9, 2015 Archive

Internet | October 09, 2015

SMBs: What to look for in your next device

Technology is changing at the speed of...well, technology. Every few months there is a new operating system or a new device released, and it can be hard to know what device is right for a small business. One expert offers his advice. >>

Internet | October 09, 2015

3 ways analytics may be clouding your strategy

Analytics are a great thing. Surveys, customer behaviors, interests and even the time of life a person is in can be crucial in targeting the right message at the right time. The problem? According to one expert the dearth of analytics out there are becoming a problem for many businesses. Here's how - and how to overcome the noise. >>

Blogs & Content | October 09, 2015

Why brands need to know document search

Computers have made business infinitely simpler - there are mobile and online check-outs, online marketing teams can collaborate from around the globe and in some cases employees can work from their homes. But there is another function computers offer that many businesses aren't using - document search. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 09, 2015

Half of cybersecurity experts say mobile payments are not secure

According to the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), nearly half of cybersecurity experts say mobile payments are not secure and present significant security risks. >>

Search Marketing | October 09, 2015

Amazon the go-to place for consumers to search for products

Amazon is the go-to website to search for products for almost half of U.S. consumers, according to research released by BloomReach. >>

Ecommerce | October 09, 2015

Which holiday season promos will motivate consumers to buy?

Trying to decide which holiday promotion will work best for the upcoming festive season? New research from Bronto and Ipsos may help you make better decisions. >>