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BizReport : September 9, 2015 Archive

September 9, 2015 Archive

Social Marketing | September 09, 2015

Top 3 tips to engage Millennials via social media

Millennials are arguably the most connected generation - ever. They've grown up with cell phones, email and the Internet and have are among the earliest adopters of new technology - all of which makes them very valuable to brands. One expert offers advice for brands to better engage Millennials. >>

Internet | September 09, 2015

Expert: Why brands fear the cloud and how to overcome

While the cloud offers many solutions for brands to store data, utilize freelance and contract help and even allow workers to manage their time better, many businesses have not converted to cloud solutions. Why? Because the cloud also has its challenges like data breaches and security threats. Here are the top three fears associated with the cloud and how to overcome the challenges. >>

Advertising | September 09, 2015

Ad Roundup: Releases add functionality for brands

In today's advertising roundup: functionality. A trio of new releases are setting up new levels of functionality for brands online. >>

Ecommerce | September 09, 2015

Are your complaints and refund policies ready for the new legislation?

Key changes to consumer rights come into force in the UK soon and both online and offline businesses need to revisit their complaints and returns policies. >>

Ecommerce | September 09, 2015

Does your website's Time to Interact match consumer expectations?

Christmas always seems to come around quickly. For online retailers, it comes around even faster, particularly when it comes to prepping retail websites for the online boom that is holiday shopping. >>

Ecommerce | September 09, 2015

Watch out retailers - Gen Z'ers are coming and they are hot on delivery performance

Brace yourself for Generation Z, retailers. They're digitally savvy and demanding, particularly when it comes to delivery performance, according to new research from Red Dot Research, commissioned by delivery platform Shutl. >>

Blogs & Content | September 09, 2015

How to use UGC to create branded content

User generated content is not new to the Internet, but many brands still struggle to implement a UGC strategy. This despite the fact many consumers will believe consumer-based experiences faster than marketing campaigns. One expert explains how brands can do more with user generated content. >>

Advertising | September 09, 2015

Study: Publishers frustrated by lack of programmatic competition

Programmatic advertising has given brands a better handle on parts of their ad budgets, but if you ask publishers about programmatic their response is likely to be one of frustration. That according to new Technorati data which indicates the lack of competition in the programmatic space is causing problems for publishers. >>