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BizReport : September 7, 2015 Archive

September 7, 2015 Archive

Social Marketing | September 07, 2015

Expert: Why brands must do more in social

The social space is becoming more and more important for brands, but it is also becoming more difficult for brands to be heard in the increasingly crowded space. Once expert explains how brands can do more in social. >>

Social Marketing | September 07, 2015

Consumers strongly disagree with social media use for credit scoring

In the wake of reports of Facebook securing a patent that would allow banks and financial institutions to assess a borrower's creditworthiness by checking their friends' credit scores, a survey by Equifax reveals that most consumers strongly disagree with financial companies assessing suitability based on their social media activity. >>

Advertising | September 07, 2015

Study: Men more emo while watching video ads

Turns out men are more emotional than women when it comes to video ads - Millennial men, that is. According to new data out from Unruly men between the ages of 18 and 34 were more likely to become angry or get excited while watching video ads than women, and than other, older male demographics. >>

Advertising | September 07, 2015

Ad Roundup: Solutions to increase analytics options

In today's advertising roundup: a partnership and a tool roll out that should give brands a better handle on data. >>

Ecommerce | September 07, 2015

Despite technology, in-store staff still valued

Beacon technology, mobile, and Internet may all be ways in which in-store shoppers can be influenced and driven to purchase, but retailers should not underestimate the personal touch, according to a new study from field marketing specialists Gekko. >>

Trends & Ideas | September 07, 2015

70% of U.K. retail businesses have 'lost' important data

Unless retailers take more steps to protect their customers' data and understand where threats lie, the number of data breaches will only continue to rise. A new survey in the UK shows that 70% of retailers have previously 'lost' important data. >>