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BizReport : Trends & Ideas archives : August 06, 2015

Retail experience expectations not so different between genders

A recent report, 'Does Gender Influence Shopping Behavior?' may immediately bring to mind several jokes about how men and women go about shopping. However, new research reveals that, while they may tackle the stores in different ways, when it comes to their retail experience their expectations are not so very different.

by Helen Leggatt

We've all heard the joke about how women spend hours browsing in the stores only to return to buy the first item they found. And how men dash in and out of the mall knowing what they want without faffing around.


While that may be true, a new report from Interactions found that despite theses different shopping patterns, when it comes to the retail experience, what they demand from retailers is not so different.

About the same number of men and women who download retailer apps use them while shopping in a store (77% and 80% respectively) and 44% of men and 39% of women believe receiving mobile alerts from a store they are browsing would enhance their shopping experience. Just over half (56%) of women and 60% of men would prefer to communicate with a retailer's store assistant than with a mobile device.

According to Lance Eliot, VP of Information Technology with Interactions, "men and women each want a unique experience tailored to their needs and preferences, but they're not so different from each other in what they demand from retailers. With the lines blurring, the opportunity for retailers lies in creating an experience that equally delights male and female shoppers."

However, Interactions' study did also throw up some differences. Men were found to be more likely to sign up for loyalty cards than women, as well as signing up for retailer apps and reading all product information before they make a purchase. Women, on the other hand, were more likely to make impulse purchases, invite others along on a shopping spree and shop for leisure.

"In a world where personalization is paramount, every shopper attribute matters," said Eliot. "But even with the different shopping behaviors, retailers and CPGs should aim to effectively enhance customer engagement equally between genders."

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