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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 20, 2015

The benefits of online events for brands

Branded events can expand the reach of a brand, put a more personal 'face' onto a brand and increase consumers' engagement. But, badly run events can tarnish a brands reputation. One expert tells us how to run better events.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What benefits do events bring to the table for brands?

Jayne Cooke, CEO, EVENTup: The event space offers an additional platform for expanding the reach of a brand. These events allow brands to stand out and grab the attention of users and clients all over while building deeper relationships with consumers. Social media also allows these brands to promote their event and gain conversions along the way.

Kristina: What about the bad side - can a poorly run event detract from a brand?

Jayna: Just as a successful event can attract more consumers, an unsuccessful event can hinder the prosperity of a brand. A company spends months promoting their upcoming event and attracting attention to the final product. If the event goes poorly, this can put a bad taste in the consumer's mouth as they associate the unsuccessful event with the brand. The outcome of the event could suggest the brand is poorly executed or mismanaged.

Kristina: A couple of weeks ago there was a Twitter chat with author EL James, and it seemed to blow up into madness with all kinds of attacks on the books, the movie and her personally. How can brands ensure events like this don't morph into attacks?

Jayna: There are endless details that go into planning and executing an event and none of them should be overlooked. A successful event takes months to plan. The first step to ensuring your event goes to plan is to appoint someone to take charge. Next, the overall event's objective needs to be established. It is important to make sure this theme stays cohesive throughout the event. The main goal can get lost in translation with the many decisions that go into planning a large event. This will affect a lot of the decisions moving forward (ex. type of venue, entertainment, etc.).

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