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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 31, 2015

SMBs: How to remain visible during the election push

Over the next few months ads for various political candidates in the US will inundate the online ad space, as well as more traditional markets. This push of ad revenue can leave small businesses feeling the chill of not having their ads seen. How can they compete?

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can SMBs prepare for the upcoming election and how to ensure their social media and marketing efforts are still heard amongst the noise?

Molly McCarty, Senior Social Account Manager, 3Q Digital: They should start looking at performance at the state level now. Within Facebook reporting, it's fairly easy to identify which states are your top-performing states. If your top-performing states are not expected to be battleground states, then you should be fine. You should make sure to exclude any battleground states, assuming they are not driving a large portion of your performance. If you do rely on these states, then you need to work on making sure you are paying as little as possible for your ads, knowing they may get more expensive as competition increases. Since CPCs always drop as CTRs rise, you should use this time to test and develop creatives with high CTR and a lower CPC.

Kristina: What ad trends are you seeing leading up to the election season?

Molly: I am seeing clients focus on creative testing to ensure that their ads have high CTRs and will stand out against the political ads. We are also following the CPC trends closely at the state level to ensure we will be able to see when an ad starts to lose efficiency because of increased competition.

Kristina: What about the social space - what should SMBs begin doing now to ensure their customers remain engaged in the social space during the elections?

Molly: If they have a mobile-optimized site, they should start testing out ads on mobile. Mobile has lower CPCs and higher CTRs, which can help bring down the overall CPA. They should also focus on finding their top creative based on both CPA and CTR. A strong CTR will bring your CPC down.

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips for SMBs' ad strategy during the upcoming election season?

Molly: First, keep a close eye at state-level CPCs. Work now on getting your top creative built so you have high CTRs and low CPCs during election season, and if you are not already, start getting ready to run ads on mobile. Mobile has low CPCs and high reach.

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