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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : July 18, 2015

Expert: Why mobile brands must be content-savvy

According to Nielsen, Americans spend an average of 37 hours a month using their smartphone apps, using only 27 apps on average. This means brands have to compete for customers - there is no room for a user interface that is difficult to use or an app that doesn't provide core functionality to create a great experience for their customers in the medium.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How important is content and functionality for brands in the app space?

Myles Kleeger, CRO, Appboy: For mobile brands, it's more important than ever that they're focusing on their relationship with their customer. Content and functionality is everything. For those mobile-only companies, it's not simply a marketing and merchandising tool that is part of their customer's journey; it's their entire business. With a new world of indexable apps for search with deep-linking, it's important for ANY brand that engages with their customers on mobile channels to be thinking about content and functionality as a core focus in building continued relationships with their customers. Content will take on even more importance in helping apps be discovered through search.

Kristina: Can you offer an example of how APIs can be used to improve content?

Myles: APIs can be used to pull content, like sale information, a promotion or information about the customer's location, into the app and then push that content when a customer takes a specific action, such as walking by a store. Every action a marketer takes with mobile campaigns should have the goal of strengthening the relationship.

Kristina: Can mobile brands benefit from IoT advancements?

Myles: Mobile is really the centerpiece or focal point for iOT advancements, as in most instances, IoT devices will be controlled from our smartphones, which are generally with us at all times. If brands want a place in our homes, automobiles, etc., they need to focus on their customer relationships now because consumers will look to brands they trust when they want to control their thermostats, lights, automobiles and more. For marketers looking to reach consumers at the right moment, the landscape of apps embedded in Internet connected devices, with the smartphone at the center, is a definite opportunity - as long as they continue to keep up the customer relationship.

Kristina: What about aggregators for these IoT improvements?

Myles: One interesting thing to consider is whether the concept of aggregation or consolidation moves more forcefully into IoT and the connected home. Will consumers want separate apps to controls their temperature, lights, alarm systems, TVs, kitchen appliances, etc.? Will they all be able to work together harmoniously if different best-in-class manufacturers build the devices themselves? Consumers may demand this, and the marketplace will have to respond.

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