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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : July 01, 2015

Expert: How telecoms can do better at customer service

Telecom brands have a problem. According to the recent American Customer Satisfaction they ranked last along with TV companies, for customer service. One expert weighs in on what telecom brands need to do to remake their image.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What can we learn from this survey and the failings of the telecom industry?

Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO, HeyWire: When an industry relies upon a lack of competition to keep customers and doesn't focus on customer experience and providing support across their customers' preferred channels, it's doomed to fail when competition enters the market. Businesses that focus on customer experience management will always win with high Net Promoter scores and growing numbers of customers and services. And the number one customer need - driven largely by the mobile-centric world we live in - means personalized and efficient communications and support.

Kristina: Which industries are faring better than others and why?

Meredith: The answer isn't necessarily industry-driven - it's company-driven. Those companies with a focus on omnichannel customer experience are faring better. Financial Services and Hospitality organizations are driving towards providing immediate and responsive service and catering to their mobile customers, which is helping them succeed.

Kristina: What is the "next big thing" with regards to improving customer satisfaction while still keeping costs in check?

Meredith: The "next big thing" that will improve customer satisfaction is hiding in the very "old" concept of text messaging and requires companies to think beyond today's SMS technology in business, which tends to be automated alerts and notifications coming from a machine. A whole "new" generation of mobile messaging services is now emerging - technologies that enable text conversations instead of voice conversations between customers and contact center agents or sales and servicepeople. 52 percent of consumers today would prefer to text with a company they do business with over calling them on the phone. The industry is just waking up to this missing channel in their omnichannel strategy.

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