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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : July 29, 2015

Expert: How brands can ensure both worker mobility and business security

The trend of workers telecommuting or using their personal devices for work is growing every day. So are the risks to businesses who aren't prepared for an increasingly mobile workforce. How can businesses become ready?

by Kristina Knight

First, make a company-wide policy.

"In order to prevent multiple documents from being managed and enforced around the globe, organizations take an approach of creating a global framework and addressing international needs as applicable," said Jim Haviland, CSO, Vox Mobile. "While organizational culture will impact all policy elements, the primary areas of concern when designing an international program are:
•Data Privacy Legislation. There are no global standards for data privacy, with each jurisdiction having it's own particular take and little legal precedent to provide clarity.
•Tax. Dependent on interpretation, many laws may inhibit allowances for devices, plans and applications or specify levels of reimbursement.
•Roaming. Especially in instances of frequent global users/travelers, the loss of control for BYOD users opens the door to high costs and the loss of support for travelers."

Second, thinks about the types of devices needed as well as their deployment.

"At first glance it would appear that selecting and purchasing a device would be one of the least risky activities in the overall mobility spectrum. But device selection is incredibly misleading as it relates to simplicity. Think about your user base. Will they want to standardize on all iOS, HTC, or Android devices for both phone and tablets? Will there be a mix of [devices]? What types of applications are you going to deploy to the user base, and are there compatibility issues?" said Haviland. "Will there be different applications; and will those applications be localized? If so, this means that the devices need to be set up and assigned to the local regions from the very start. Company-developed and deployed applications need to be checked for proper localization. This includes checking all the user-provided help menus as well. Deploying devices across borders triggers special regulations for tariffs and customs charges. When working on a larger project where there may be hundreds of devices crossing multiple borders, consideration must be taken for additional unplanned customs spend and shipping delays."

Third, find the right Mobile Device Manager for security.

"The first line of defense in this realm is the Mobile Device Manager (MDM) software. Properly installed and managed, the MDM provides strong security for any mobile device," said Haviland. "The system must also take into account the specific Apple ID or Google Play Account to provide the correct updates. Many times one cloud-based incidence of the MDM is not enough to cope with specific government regulations for individual countries. An often missed consideration is how to handle data roaming. Most likely, there could be a concern overseas when roaming is taken into account. There can also be slight variations in how carrier traffic interacts with the MDM - a very difficult problem to troubleshoot."

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