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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : July 20, 2015

ClickTale: How WalMart reconnected with customers

Retail giant WalMart recently had an issue with their customers: namely that shoppers weren't able to use a 'Finder Tool' set up for the holiday season to help them find gifts. They enlisted ClickTale to help with the problem.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What was the disconnect between WalMart and their shoppers?

Tal Schwartz, CEO, ClickTale: To make the most out of the Holiday Season, ClickTale client Walmart launched a special Gift and Toy Finder tool to increase sales and optimize customer interaction with the seasonal webpage. Despite Walmart's significant investment in driving traffic to the holiday web page, ClickTale session replays revealed that a significant number of visitors were unable to use the Gift and Toy Finder tool.

Kristina: What solution did ClickTale help them find?

Tal: ClickTale helped Walmart in a number of ways. ClickTale found that:

• 20% of the visitors were not even seeing the Finder tool. Analyzing scroll-reach heatmaps showed that Walmart's visitors were not scrolling down far enough on the page to enable them to interact with the Finder tool.

• Furthermore, visitors using the Finder tool encountered usability issues that hindered the shopping experience. After choosing the search criteria, visitors did not intuitively click on the call-to-action 'Go' button, getting confused by not receiving their search results. This insight was revealed from watching ClickTale session playbacks.
• When clicking on the call-to-action button, potential customers encountered a JavaScript error that prevented them from receiving search results. Customers could be seen in the session replays clicking on the button multiple times in frustration.

Kristina: Are retailers succeeding in making their online sites customer friendly?

Tal: We certainly feel that retailers are moving in the right direction, though even the largest retailers are at different stages of digital maturity. The most mature brands understand that giving users an outstanding digital customer experience can be a differentiator in increasing ROI. While most of the leading retailers already use quantitative data and analytics, as they grow in customer experience maturity, they're looking for qualitative insights. In other words, they're trying to understand not just what's happening with the customers on their sites, but why things are happening. For example, analytics tools allow the retailers see where a drop in the sales funnel may be happening, but ClickTale allows them to drill down and experience the website as the users have, in order to understand why that drop in the sales funnel is happening, and how they can turn the situation around.

More from Tal and ClickTale later this week, including his top 4 tips to improve customers' online experiences.

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