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BizReport : Loyalty Marketing : July 15, 2015

America's most patriotic brands revealed

A survey of iconic American brands by Brand Keys reveals which are considered by consumers to be the most patriotic.

by Helen Leggatt

Brand Keys surveyed 5,427 consumers between the ages of 16 and 65 to evaluate a collection of 35 cross-category values, among them 'patriotism', for 230 brands.

Jeep topped all others with a score of 98 out of 100 on a scale representing consumers' emotional engagement expectations, as it did in the previous two years. Jeep was one of just two car brands in the Top 25, the other being Ford.

"As marketers traditionally operate on the Independence Day theory that a patriotic, flag-waving call-to-emotion will motivate consumers to behave more positively toward their brands, we wanted to see which brands actually led when it came to that particular value," said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys.

The Top 25:

1. Jeep (98%)
2. Coca-Cola (97%)
3. Disney (96%)
4. Ralph Lauren (95%)
5. Levi Strauss (94%)
6. Ford/Jack Daniels (93%)
7. Harley Davidson/Gillette (92%)
8. Apple/Coors (91%)
9. American Express/Wrigley's (90%)
10. Gatorade/Zippo (89%)
11. Amazon (88%)
12. Hershey's/Walmart (87%)
13. Colgate (86%)
14. Coach/New Balance (85%)
15. AT&T/Google (84%)
16. Marlboro/Sam Adams (83%)
17. John Deere/Louisville Slugger/Smith & Wesson (82%)
18. L.L. Bean/Facebook (81%)
19. Craftsman Tools/GE/Wells Fargo (80%)
20. 49ers/Cowboys/NFL/Patriots/ (79%)
21. MLB/NY Yankees/Wrangler (78%)
22. Campbell's/Gibson/KFC (77%)
23. Goodyear/Wilson Sporting Goods (76%)
24. J&J/Kellogg's/Tide (75%)
25. Converse/Heinz (74%)

"When it comes to engaging consumers, waving the American flag and having an authentic foundation for being able to wave the flag are two entirely different things, and the consumer knows it," said Passikoff.

"More importantly," he added, "believability is key to the engagement paradigm. The more engaged a consumer with a particular emotional value and the associated brand, the more likely they'll trust that emotion and act positively on that belief. Generally speaking, where a brand can establish a real emotional connection, consumers are six times more likely to believe and behave positively toward the brand."

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