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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : June 09, 2015

Top 3 tips to personalize video

A recent FreeWheel report showed video and video ad views have increased about 50% over the past three months. One expert offers his advice to better engage video viewers through personalization.

by Kristina Knight

Brian Pozesky, CMO, Eyeview: The influx of video and video ad views comes as no surprise, and it's largely due to the growth of mobile. Marketers can no longer think of mobile as "the second screen" - it's becoming a primary source for video. Consumers never leave the house without a smartphone in hand, making it easier than ever for them to access and share video.

Kristina: What are brands doing well with video?

Brian: Larger brands are currently using video as an extension of traditional television. This is necessary given the expansion of screens. Many brands are moving to the next level to create a personalized dialogue with their consumers by employing everything they know about them. Unlike ever before, brands can capitalize on consumer data to better engage through video - after all, brands have different stories to tell different consumers, and video presents an especially powerful medium to tell their stories.

Kristina: How can personalization change brands' video engagement?

Brian: Today's consumers expect video ads (and all advertising for that matter) to be personally relevant. By using granular data such as purchase history, location, local weather and demographics, advertisers can create a personal video ad experience for every consumer. The more personal or relevant an ad is for a specific consumer, the more likely he or she will pay attention to the ad and take action - for example, a recent study from IPG Media and Yahoo found that personalized advertising boosted brand favorability and purchase intent.

Kristina: How can brands include personalization - location, behaviors, etc. - into video campaigns?

Brian: Taking advantage of local weather data is a prime example of how brands can include personalization in their video campaigns. For retailers in particular, weather plays a major role in campaign effectiveness. It's a basic factor underutilized in marketing, yet it has the ability to directly impact consumers' shopping preferences. For example, last year's record-breaking winter in the Northeast resulted in a lot of wasted ad dollars for retailers who failed to optimize campaigns. No one wants to travel to a brick-and-mortar store in the middle of a blizzard, or buy a lawnmower in March when snow is still falling. Personalized promotions based on current weather or forecasted conditions based on location help advertisers stay relevant.

Kristina: What are your top three ways to better personalize video campaigns?

Brian: There are endless ways to enhance video campaigns through personalization. If there were a "top 3," one would be to factor in consumer profiles based on purchase history. Another would be to continuously test and optimize campaigns to determine what resonates, and finally, personalize the entire video ad experience - not just a few seconds of personalization at the end.

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