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BizReport : Advertising archives : June 26, 2015

The triggers retailers must ID to increase revenue

By now we all know that when a consumer abandons a cart, savvy retailers will send a quick email to remind them of the items. But a cart abandonment email is only one trigger of many that retailers can tap into to increase revenue and deepen customer engagement.

by Kristina Knight

First, the cart abandon.

"Cart Abandonment is widely known to be the highest converting email trigger in eCommerce, and the staple of any automated email marketing campaign. These customers were so close to making that purchase. Timing and a critical offer may be the only thing standing in your way to converting that sale instead of losing it forever. Reaching the customer even 24 hours might be too late, as they might have made that purchase elsewhere. Delivering these emails within two hours of abandonment is done to optimize conversion rates," said Fayez Mohamood, CEO, Bluecore.

Second, the search abandon.

"This customer is showing clear intent on purchasing. They search for a specific category, or even better, a specific product but never put the item(s) in their cart. Abandonment triggers show these specific searched for products along with related in-category best sellers or new arrivals to drive conversion," said Mohamood.

Third, the browse.

"The more research a customer does on a given product, the more interested they become (one would hope). These customers aren't searching specifically or an item or category. More so, they are clicking around and don't put anything in their cart. Hours after these customers leave your eCommerce store a triggered Browse Abandonment email brings them back by showing the products they researched along with new arrivals that are directly related," said Mohamood.

Fourth, the new merchandise.

"If a customer has an affinity for browsing or purchasing a type of shoe
 or brand of pants, wouldn't they like to know when a similar new product is added to your catalog? Sure they would, and they'll likely open, click and buy. New merchandise triggers emails the shoppers most likely to buy a similar new product(s)," said Mohamood.

Fifth, the price drop.

"Product catalogs are complex and constantly changing. Bluecore detects these changes on the fly (no data feeds required), sending triggered mails like Price Drops to customers who previously browsed or viewed certain products," said Mohamood. "If a price decreases, Bluecore emails shoppers who have shown interest in that particular item."

Sixth, the post purchase.

"Based on the category or sub-category from where a purchase was made, a Post Purchase triggered email will provide customers with related cross-sells and dynamic promotions (such as free shipping) based on 
past behaviors. Post-purchase emails can be based on previous sales, related products and best-sellers in the purchase category. Creating a special offer like free shipping or pulling in a discount dynamically from your website may be just the enticement that converts a customer from browser to buyer," said Mohamood.

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