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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : May 15, 2015

Top 3 tips to improve customer privacy

Mobile devices are making it very easy for consumers to interact with their favorite brands. But, without the proper security in place, mobile can also put consumers at risk. One expert offers her top tips on hos brands can assure customer privacy and security via mobile devices.

by Kristina Knight

First, brands must learn and follow regional guidelines, like those recommended by the MMA in the US.

"Every market is unique with different rules, regulations and customs for privacy and security, so it is essential to understand the regulatory and mobile environment and the best practices that apply there," said Stacy Adams, VP of Marketing, MBlox. "Businesses should choose a messaging provider with market experience and a strong track record. The provider should also have as many direct carrier connections as possible, as this reduces the number of vendors who touch the SMS before it reaches the consumer, decreasing the number of places where a security or privacy breach can occur."

Second, businesses must get their customers' permission to reach out via mobile.

"Even in markets outside of the US where opt in is not mandatory, it is always better to receive permission before communicating through such a personal device. Once the audience has opted in, any ongoing engagement strategy must be founded on care and geared toward earning trust. Savvy brands will earn consumer trust by communicating at the time and in the manner that fits the person and the message," said Adams. "For example, SMS is best for short communications that are more immediate in nature, like retail coupons, fraud alerts or travel delays, while email is best suited for longer-form content delivery."

Third, companies should use mobile as a tool for two-factor authentication wherever possible.

"Verifying customer identity through a mobile device adds a security check that makes a major difference in overall data safety," said Adams.

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