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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : May 27, 2015

Top 3 tips for better triggered emails

Triggered emails are not new in the email strategy department, but many email marketers are still not using triggered emails. One expert offers his top 3 tips for a solid triggered email strategy.

by Kristina Knight

First, Just Get Started.

"All-in-all, if you want to improve your email marketing communications, you just need to get the ball rolling. Now, there are two paths to take here: the traditional path- where you take an inventory of your design resources, IT resources, bandwidth on your marketing team and set out to get one trigger up and running with your current stack, knowing that it might be painful. The other option is to find a vendor that can do all the design, all the IT work ONCE and then power as many triggers as your heart desires to optimize the entire process," said Fayez Mohamood, Co-Founder and CEO, Bluecore.

Second, Get Personal.

"This isn't about marketing. It's about customer service. Kevin Ertell from Sur La Table thinks of his triggered emails as an extension of his customer service department. He wants these emails to become highly anticipated and sought after, rather than a promotional email that customers easily dismiss. Give customers the nudge they need. Creating a special offer like free shipping or pulling in a discount dynamically from your website may be just the enticement that converts a customer from browser to buyer," said Fayez.

Third, Your Product Catalog is a Gold Mine.

"It's natural to begin with customer behaviors as the crux of your triggered program. It's on this next level with merchandising triggers - where you begin enter the incremental revenue zone. Our client at BCBG thought about it this way. When she did quarterly forecasting she could comfortably commit to a certain percentage for revenue to be driven from a cart abandonment program. What she could not forecast for were new product arrival revenue or revenue from a price drop. These are out of her control in many ways. But, but triggering emails and driving ROI based on these catalog changes she had a quarterly line item of incremental revenue, and every marketer loves that line," said Fayez.

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