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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : May 22, 2015

Expert: What Google buy buttons could mean for ecommerce

Some experts are predicting that Google will soon launch buy buttons. One expert weighs in on the implications of this proposed tool.

by Kristina Knight

Dave Ragals, Global Managing Director of Search, IgnitionOne: Mobile is where most of the growth has been coming from in search, as we have seen in our quarterly reports, so it's clearly the right place for Google to focus to launch buy buttons. Consumers are searching more and more on vertical sites like Amazon or eBay, because they can search and buy all in one place. Google needs to force its way back in there by making it easier for these users to find what they want and buy it.

Kristina: In your opinion, what will 'buy buttons' offer retailers?

Dave: The buy button will offer another option for their consumers to convert to a sale - which obviously is a good thing for retailers. And Google does seem to be bending over backwards a bit to support them by providing a branded experience as well as leading recommendations from the same retailer. That said, while the retailers can opt-in to receive buyer data, it won't be theirs alone anymore. So the real question is how much are they giving up by allowing Google to insert themselves in the buyer-retailer relationship?

Kristina: What about consumers?

Dave: More options are always good for consumers, and making it easier to find and buy what they want, especially on mobile, is a great thing. There's always a question about how much personal information they're willingly share with Google, but consumers have not held back much from Google yet, so not sure how much of a problem it will be for them as long as Google isn't seen as abusing it.

Kristina: How might buy buttons impact paid search?

Dave: Google's aim is to create more usage, therefore more traffic and more revenue, through paid search. Done right, they can create revenue by increasing their presence in the retail search business as well as gaining advertising dollars and users' purchase data in their system.

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  • HBK

    I get the whole ecommerce play, but it's just another example of how Google's focus is so diffused (not diversified -- diffused). They are completely languishing in mobile advertising, allowing AdMob to get trounced in overall effectiveness and $$-generating capabilities for publishers by Airpush, Facebook, and other red hot ad tech innovators. So this just doesn't excite me, as an app developer because its more indication that Google doesn't care about what I do or bring to their Play store.



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